Actual Results

Just To Warn You, We Included Lots Of Bug Pictures Below

 A1 Home Pest Control is proud of our technicians and the work they do. They each endure long, intense training periods with random quality checks done on site. Each technician is trained in almost all specialty fields except bed bugs, where we have specially trained technicians ready to work for you, since bed bug eradication requires far more lengthy and intense training! This is done to produce results A1 Home Pest Control and you expect and pay for.

Video Gallery

We show you the different stages of bed bugs

Our German Roach eradication, it's what we are known for.

Bed Bug Thermal Heat Injection - massive death

Watch the bed bugs run when we start heating the place up with thermal heat technology!

Here we go again killing more bed bugs with our thermal heat treatment! OOPS, we did it again.

Even if you have pest control, you still need to trim your bushes and trees back. This is how pests bypass our barrier. Then you become upset with us when you still have pest issues! This can also lead to critter issues as well too. Trim them back!!!!!

Tired of seeing the bed bug death we bring? Just skip over this video then, because we are crisping up some more. We do this all day, everyday. BRING IT BED BUGS!

After one exterior treatment, we killed off hundreds of ants that were trailing into this home.

Badly infested chair with bed bugs. WARNING- if your squeamish do not watch!

Formosan termites we took from damaged wood on a home we had a fumigation done on.

Aftermath of thermal heat treatment, all the little brown spots on floor are DEAD BED BUGS!

Dead ants line the walls after one treatment. This was a HUGE ant infestation!

Half way through thermal treatment in a SEVERE infestation and you can see all the dead bed bug (little brown spots).