Bed Bug Thermal Heat Treatments

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Bed Bugs & Thermal Heat Injection Treatments

Learn some facts, not myths about bed bugs from a company that breeds, feeds and interacts with them!

Technology that goes beyond conventional bed bug heat treatments, giving us better, accurate and less invasive equipment set up throughout your home. 

Current Clients:

Our goal is to educate, treat, and help prevent the return of bed bugs! A1 Home Pest Control works closely with you to go over your structure to find any harborages and provide a comprehensive bed bug treatment plan tailored to your specific situation. We are here for you every step of the way and offer the most competitive warranties in the industry. A1 knows that bed bug thermal heat treatment is an investment and we want to help you maximize that investment! Our Company also offers a bed bug protection plan for people at high risk of reinfestation. Ask us about this program to see if it is right for you.


The Scoop on Bed Bugs:

  • Bed bugs do not discern a clean home from a messy unkempt one; they will infest in ANY home.
  • Peered harborage areas for bed bugs are the same areas you spend the most time in such as couches, beds, chairs, desks, nightstands, and headboards. This invasive pest is very fast and can travel through electrical outlets to get from one room to the next.
  • Sensitivity to the bites vary from person to person; some people feel it right away while other people do not feel any irritation at all. Bed bug bites also mimic other pest bites in appearance and can happen instantly or take over a week before being seen.
  • Good news: bed bugs DO NOT transmit diseases! However, the collection of bed bug feces and blood spots from a massive infestation will cause health issues to you, but the bed bug itself does not.
  • Bed bugs are a light brown color (almost translucent when in early nymph stages), flat, and have an oval body. After bed bugs feed, they become blood red or darker brown. For a bed bug to become an adult, they molt their exoskeleton five times. It is often confused with fleas, ticks and sometimes juvenile roaches.
  • One female bed bug can lay 1-3 eggs a day during her life, which lasts up to 10-12 months. The eggs can take as little as one month to become a mature, reproducing adult.



Bed Bug Feeding Information:

  • The little nightmares on legs are nocturnal and are attracted to the carbon dioxide emitted by their preferred human hosts. For this reason, bed bugs tend to feed at night. However, they are opportunistic insects and will consume a blood meal during the day, especially in heavily-infested areas. These critters prefer humans for their diet, but if the population is large, they will feed on another mammal (cats and dogs).
  • Feeding time lasts around 5-10 minutes for bed bugs to engorge with blood fully. First, two hollow, beak-like feeding tubes become inserted into their host. The first tube injects the bug’s saliva which contains anesthetics to numb the feeding area. The second tube draws the blood. After feeding, they move to secluded places and hide for 5-10 days. During this time they do not feed, but instead, digest their meal for what they need to do next.
  • Attractants, hormones, pheromones or other chemicals that claim to entice bed bugs does not work. Companies are producing gimmick products designed to take your money only. What you can do is “monitor” the population, again that will require some education and experience to be effective.

What Does A-1 Home Pest Control Offer For Bed Bug Infestations:

  • Well, first, A1 Home Pest Control starts with a bed bug inspection of the structure in question.
  • Next, A1HPC will review our findings and go over the action plan that we have tailored to you and your structures specific needs.
  • Answering and educating you on any questions you may have.
  • Before treatment can begin finding out how the infestation was carried into the structure is necessary. Figuring this out is VITAL and is a bit tricky. Without this information, you can waste a lot of money regardless of the company you use. One of our priorities is to try and ensure that you do not encounter another infestation right after you had an expensive treatment done. Killing your bed bugs while giving you support and making it an easy of a process as we can is all we aim to do.
  • Please note that we try to shoot for 100% kill rate on the first-bed bug thermal heat treatment, our experience shows the average of 98%  (of the original infestation). At the time of the follow-up, we eliminate the rest, unless a reinfestation takes place. Annoying as it is, it does happen. AHPC and you will go over the entry point again and look for weaknesses. You can pick up bed bugs from ANYWHERE. A bus, taxi, airport, hospice, assisted living facility that a loved one lives at, co-workers in your office, and much more. You can even get bed bugs from visiting relatives or friends that have them but are unaware or do not tell you.

The Thermal Heat Treatment (summary)

  • The Thermal Heat Treatment service consists of advanced thermal heat treatment of the entire structure, chemical wall void treatment, residual barrier treatment in each affected room, chemical application in the crawl space (when accessible), service when applicable in the vehicle, 30-day service warranty and one necessary follow-up treatments/inspections.
  • Our bed bug treatments come with a full home pest control treatment as a courtesy to you. We will sweep the eaves, apply a chemical barrier to the exterior of the house and bait the interior hot spots. Since a bed bug treatment is taxing and very tedious to perform, the courtesy pest control treatment will most likely take place in the first two-week follow-up inspection/treatment.


What A-1 Home Pest Control, Inc expects and requires from you before, during and after the bed bug heat treatment will be given to you on the client prep sheet before the service takes place.

Bed Bug Thermal Heat Treatment

Thermal heat treatment for bed bugs on the entire unit of residential structures under 3,000 Sq. Ft,. It comes with a 30-day service warranty, no laundering piles of items, no bagging, no throwing out food or furniture. You only need to gather wax-based items such as candles, cosmetics, as well as, prescriptions, wine, and champagne bottles. These items you will leave by the front door on the day of service.

This treatment will include:
  • Thermal heat treatment to the entire structure
  • Chemical application to wall voids (dusting outlets)
  • A chemical barrier in each affected room and furniture
  • Chemical use to crawl spaces and vehicles when applicable
  • Courtesy pest control treatment (ext. chemical barrier, eves sweeping, hot spots on the inside, generally done on follow up inspection)
  • One necessary interior inspection two weeks after initial treatment
  • Warranty – service only
The Stuff Before The Treatment Begins
  • MUST BUY SLIP COVERS (quality – not Walmart ones) PER BED AND BOX SPRING FOR EVERY BED, CRIB OR FOLD OUT BED, IN THE STRUCTURE. You will give the slipcovers to the Bed Bug Certified Technician at time of service for him to install each one at time of treatment. You do NOT install these on your own before or after the treatment, or we will not perform the service. The slipcovers are put on at a particular time during the service to optimize your results.
  • It will typically take anywhere from 6-10 hours (more extended for larger units or large infestations) for the treatment completion, and then you may go back inside (once the Bed Bug Certified Technician has cleared your home) and continue as if nothing happened. All animals and people are required to be out of structure during the heat treatment process (even fish).
Some Legal Stuff – 

***** A1HPC HAS STRICT PRE-BED BUG PROTOCOLS THAT MUST BE SIGNED BEFORE SERVICE AND FOLLOWED AFTER SERVICE TAKES PLACE. Avoiding the source of the bed bugs is CRITICAL in any bed bug treatment to eliminate them. Without this, you will always have bed bugs! Our job is to make sure we kill the original infestation and keep you from having them again. The prep work we require is minimal compared to other companies. But results speak for themselves!


Call to speak with one of our specialists and receive a personalized quote. Here at A1HPC will never judge you, can answer any questions you have, and squash any myths you may have heard. Our company will educate you on the truth with bed bugs, not what you want to hear or what we think you want to hear, just the facts.

Bed Bug Protection Plan

The Bed Bug Protection plan is designed to pick up where the Thermal Heat Treatment warranty ends. A1 Home Pest Control provides inspection/monitoring of bed bugs monthly. If for any reason bed bugs are active A1HPC will treat the area (at our discretion with chemical or heat) where the activity is happening by a Certified  Bed Bug Technician. We made our Bed Bug Protection plan for people with high-risk values to help ease the burden of becoming overpopulated with bed bugs. With your help and ours, we can keep your home bed bugs free or close to it depending on your risk level. On this monthly inspection plan, just like our pest control, you have open callbacks between services. If you see bed bugs, you call us, and we come back out with no additional cost!

Plus the plan includes quarterly pest control at no additional cost (unless there is a german roach infestation) because it is an integral part of the Protection Plan it cannot be separated. A1 Home Pest Control wants you to be pest free, and we will do all that we can to make sure we achieve that.

Starting at $100.00 a month for a residential structure under 3,000 Sq. Ft.

 You can only use the plan after a Thermal Heat Treatment
  • Includes pest control.
  • Free callbacks in between inspections when live bed bug activity observed.
  • Payment is due before service on the day the inspection is done.
  • Skipping monthly inspection voids the program and will not resume at a later time.

Call for pricing on smaller and larger structures.

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