Common Pests

Let us help you identify some common household pests you might find in Florida.


Having rodents in your structure can be very dangerous for many reasons. They can carry disease, chew through electric wiring, urinate and defecate all over, and worst of all... you can hear them at NIGHT! No need to worry, A1 Home Pest Control, Inc. has several different ways to eliminate your rodent issues; from snap traps to ``have a heart`` traps and exclusion of the structure.



We all know that termites can do a LOT of expensive damage; which can go years unseen or unnoticed by the home owner. There are things we can do to prevent, treat, or monitor termites, depending on the needs of the structure. A1 Home Pest Control, Inc. can do that effectively and much more efficiently for you and your home. Call today for more information.



Getting rid of spiders is tricky and you may not even want to. They are nature's pest control, but we understand that some people just do not like them or are afraid of the poisonous ones. There is no baiting for spiders and contact residue does not work well at all. The only viable treatment is to knock down webs, contact kill spiders that are seen, and remove their food source.</p> <p>The removal of the spider's food source is a good idea as well as lawn pest control. This treatment works very well and deters any spiders, because there are little to no bugs in the yard for them to feed on.


Flea & Tick

Fleas are annoying and can get out of hand fast! They can come from just about anywhere. Our goal is to help you with treatments, education, and advice on how to avoid dealing with them in the first place.



Roaches are a breed of their own: they come in all sizes, from little ones to big, flying ones (YUCK). Our focus is on the little roaches, known as German Roaches. They are very hard to get rid of for other companies, but here at A1 Home Pest Control, Inc., we have a German Roach protocol that ERADICATES these nasty, little guys once and for all! Our eradication rate runs between 85-95% on just the first visit alone (this applies to light to moderate infestations).



There are hundreds of species of ants in Florida, some are harder to get rid of than others. In fact, there are more than 221 different species. We want to help you take back control... so schedule your free pest inspection today!