Rats & Mice

Help identify common rats and mice your find around the home.

Rodents do not need a lot of space to get into your structure and make it THEIR home. Not only that, but they can get in by climbing straight up the side of it! Crazy, but true. We have some pictures to help you with these critters and things to do with your structure to deter these little buggers. Mice can enter through an opening the size of a nickle and a rat can enter through an opening the size of a quarter!

What they leave behind:

Rats and mice cannot see well, they run along the perimeter of rooms to use their whiskers in finding their way around. While doing this, they leave behind urine, feces, and rub marks (nasty dirty looking streaks of hair oil and dirt) and YUCK! All of those are also used by other rodents as a means of communicating to each other. They are essentially leaving a “popcorn” trail straight to their own little party, which is conveniently located in your structure.

The fun these little guys have once they set up shop in a structure can be VERY expensive, leaving you with the tab. The teeth on these rodents can gnaw through concrete and to keep them from over growing in their mouth, they chew ALL the time. What do they like to chew you ask? EVERYTHING! Your wires, the internet hook up, your plumbing, walls, and whatever else they feel like nibbling on. The reason this happens is because their teeth grow at a rapid rate each year and in order to keep their teeth from becoming too long, they do all this chewing.

BUT, have no fear, A1 Home Pest Control (a.k.a. party poopers) has several different treatment options for them so you can live rodent free.

A1 Home Pest Control starts by excluding any entry points that the rodents may be getting into, then we trap-out any that get locked inside from the exclusion on the exterior. We then go over what else can or needs to be done to keep the party from coming back to your structure.

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