We don't control German roaches, we eradicate them! Find out how the right tools and education can solve your roach issue.

A1 Home Pest Control is the roach eradicator of Central Florida.

Our results give us the the right to say this, can your pest control company do the same? No, not even the national brands can eradicate your roaches like A1 Home Pest Control can and WILL.

A1 Home pest Control does NOT control German Roaches, we ERADICATE them. With proven results of 85-95% kill on the first visit (light to moderate infestations), no other company can come close to our results, not because they can’t, but because they do not want to. Eradication takes knowledge and the right tools. We have no problem investing in what is needed to eliminate your roach problem. Other companies do not want that added expense and refuse to eradicate your roaches, leaving you calling over and over for service with little to no change in the infestations.

Types of Roaches


German Cockroach

The German cockroach is best identified by its small size and by two dark parallel lines running from the back of the head to the wings. It is usually found in kitchens (near dishwashers, stoves, and sinks) and in bathrooms of homes. They may be seen during the daytime, particularly if a heavy population is present or if there is some other stress, such as a lack of food or water or an application of pesticides.

Cuban Cockroach

This type of cockroach can fly very well and prefers hot, humid climates. They are great scavengers and eat primarily plant matter, rotting matter, and paper. They are originally from Cuba, hence their name “Cuban cockroach.”

Banded Cockroach

Both adults and nymphs can be distinguished by the two brownish, broad bands across the body at the base of the abdomen and at mid-abdomen. Accurate identification is paramount to controlling brown-banded cockroaches. Control strategies for other cockroaches will not be efficacious for brown-banded cockroaches.

American Cockroach

Both male and female are fully winged. The wings of the male extend slightly beyond the tip of the abdomen, while those of the female are about the same length as the abdomen. The American cockroach can be identified by its large size and reddish brown color with faded yellow edges on the thorax. American cockroaches feed on a variety of foods, with an apparent preference for decaying organic matter. The adults can survive two or three months without food but only about a month without water.

Tips For German Cockroaches:

  • Do not leave food out on counters, under beds, on the floors, or in the sinks for days at a time and so on.
  • Declutter your space, less is more. Especially boxes, roaches LOVE boxes.
  • When getting a delivery, try to open items outside and leave boxes at the door until you can get it in the trash.
  • Roaches can hitch hike from friends, family, day care centers, produce, furniture, and even appliances. Thoroughly look over any item before bringing into your home.
  • Keep mulch at least 2-3 feet from your structure.
  • Trim trees away from structure, this will also help with rodents and wild life.
  • DO NOT use foggers or bombs! You only push them into the walls and further into the ceilings, making it more difficult to actually eradicate them. Beware of pest control companies that “fog” for roaches, even though they are doing it, same principle applies.

Preparing for an A1 Home Pest Control, German Roach Eradication

  1. The day before- do NOTHING
  2. The day after- do NOTHING

We want the roaches in their natural environment, so do nothing!

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