Understanding the spiders that we have here in florida will help you determine what to watch out for.

A.K.A – creepy crawlers!

Florida has its fair share of spiders and boy are they BIG. The most common one is the wolf spider, it’s huge, it’s ugly and it makes a nasty cruching sound under a shoe!

Don’t worry A1 Home Pest Control can help you combat these and other pests in and around your structure! By implementing regular pest control with our lawn pest control we can drastically reduce the spiders you see. We also offer spider treatment to warehouse, gyms, garages, and the like. A1 Home Pest Control will schedule a service plan with you that meets your needs and budget to remove the webs, eliminate any egg sacs, and runners. No space too big or small for A1, we can get it done!

Say What?

Spiders are nature’s natural bug control…really! They are beneficial to have around. They help us do our job in a very effective and efficient manner with no chemicals. But if you must get rid of spiders, knock down webs as you see them appear, eliminate ones you see along with sacs, but be careful when eliminating runners some do carry hundreds of babies on their back. If you disturb them without being ready, the babies will hop off and flee. This is not a desirable situation inside the structure. Especially if you are sleeping in and you wake up to your husband frantically running around in the kitchen with a can of 565, trying to eliminate all the babies that have ran off after stomping momma spider to death. Needless to say, the kitchen was a natural disaster zone and the smell of 565 is still ingrained in the nostrils all these years later. FUN!

Anyway, having pest control, lawn pest control and yellow lights on the outside will keep the spiders at your neighbor’s house. This is because, by doing these things, you are eliminating the spiders’ food source making your place less desirable for them to be at. Sealing any cracks, gaps, or holes in the structure helps keep the spiders out as well.

Below is some illustrations of different spiders that you may encounter. Remember, any spider bite can be life threatening, every individual is different and react differently to bug bites than others including spider bites. The only real dangerous type of spider in Florida is the widow and whether it is life threatening or not depends on your sensitivity to bites.

Plus, spiders do not go looking to bite you, especially the blackbrown, and red widows. They take a lot of provoking to become aggresive enough to bite. Usually if they sense something or someone too close to the web they will run and hide. This is why they generally build their webs in solitairy areas that are less traveled by us. Cellars, attics, things left in one place for a long time, and patio areas are their favorite places. If you see one, walk away and let the spider be, if you mess with the spider it will defend itself and its sac.

Common Venomous Spiders In Florida:

Black Widow Spider
Black Widow Spider
Brown Widow Spider
Brown Widow Spider
Red Widow Spider
Red Widow Spider
Brown Recluse Spider
Huntsman Spider

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