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Serving Central Florida For Over 21 Years.
Safe Products For Your Family

We choose to only use the safest products on the market.

We Know Florida Bugs

We know pests in Florida are a pain, but we help remove that stress.

We Want to Get Rid of Your Bugs

We do this through results, education, and top-notch customer service.

About us

Not Your Cookie-Cutter Pest Company

A1 Home Pest Control has been a trusted pest control provider for Central Florida since 1996, with a reputation that no other company can come close to. A1 provides real results and customer service that are beyond what the industry has seen in many years and we continue to set the bar!

A1 Home Pest Control, Inc., was born from several employees of the industry leaders who had enough with the cookie-cutter, high-volume signature collecting with no regard to the client. We, as their employees, were left feeling empty, frustrated, and disgusted by their policies and treatment of the client.​

Not only were we unhappy with the client relations, but the products used, protocols implemented, and lack of concern that the pests would still remain. This is due to the mentality the larger companies have which is that profit comes first and if a client is lost, oh well, just push the sales force to sell more. We were literally told by an office manager for the LARGEST company, ‘when a client canceled, to just cancel the account,’ not to ask why or try to retain the cancel because “they’ll be back, they always do.” Our mouths collectively dropped. We were dumbfounded.

A1 Home Pest Control, Inc. does not want clients for just their signature, we want to truly get rid of your bugs; because lets face it, that is what you are paying us to do! We do this by proving you with results, education, and quality customer service.

We use only the the BEST and SAFEST products on the market available to PCO’s, that are safe for you, your family, pets, and the environment. A1 Home Pest Control, Inc. also does this in a way that uses the pests’ environment and habits against it, in order to make the chemicals that much more effective.

A1 Home Pest Control is dedicated to making your home, business, or vacation enjoyable in this beautiful State by alleviating any pest issues that can happen. When it comes to your pest control, communication is key. Your communication and understanding is critical for the successful elimination of your pests.

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