Sentricon Hex-Pro Termite Baiting System

Termites feed all day and night, make sure you have a system that is working for you 365 days a year.

Sentricon Hex-Pro Subterranean Termite Bait System

Extend this top level of protection and confidence to your home or business.

The Original is Still the Best

The Sentricon Subterranean Termite Bait System has undergone numerous independent studies and remains widely considered the best bait system on the market. For years, National Treasures, including the Statue of Liberty and the White House have protection from Subterranean Termites with Sentricon. A-1 Home Pest Control, Inc. is proud to extend that level of security and confidence to your home or business using the original Sentricon now known as Hex-Pro.

Subterranean Termites Feed All Day and Night

That means 365 days a year, 24 hours a day; the termites could be affecting your property. Termites are continually searching for new food sources even after they find one. Think black Friday shopping; you can’t help but visit more than one store for sales. Same concept when it comes to food with termites. Not to mention instead of saving your hard earned money termites are spending lots of it! A-1 Home Pest Control, Inc. is just as determined to protect your home as the termites are to feed on it.

What is The Difference Between Sentricon Hex-Pro and Sentricon Always Active?

The current Sentricon Always Active system (from Dow AgroSciences) has stepped away from the original system to practice utilizing bait in every station all the time, regardless of the need. The new method has its advantages, though those advantages favor the Pest Control Companies and not you. Those utilizing the new system, install them and only have to inspect them once a year, decreasing their costs and increasing their margins. Monitoring yearly leaves the station vulnerable for an ENTIRE year to damage, animal/critter problems, and overrun with other pests. Plus, what happens after the bait is gone? No one is there for how long to replace it! No thanks, A1HPC  prefers to know what is going on our client’s stations as much as possible!

Thankfully, Dow AgroSciences still offers the original system under a new name, The Hex-Pro ( let the balloons out and the confetti fall)!!  We utilize this system so that chemicals (10+ years proven) only need to be used when needed to eliminate the invading termites. We will monitor the system no less than quarterly to ensure your home’s protection and the stations remain fully functional and not overrun by termite predators like ants, which happens often. Remarkably, we offer this at a more affordable price than the Sentricon Always Active!

Hex-Pro is a Stand-Alone Bait System

Regulatory agencies recognize very few bait systems as stand-alone systems. Hex-Pro is one of them. That means one system for both curative and preventative. The majority of the other available methods require “compliment” treatments when termites are present or heavy. The majority need tens, if not hundreds, of gallons of termiticide to be applied to help them do their job (not much of a compliment in our eyes). In other words, they have to trench AND install the bait stations because neither product is good enough to use by itself!

Another impressive feature of the Hex-Pro baiting system is that it does not deteriorate over time like the absolute best of liquid treatments do. Even the best liquid treatment requires a “booster” treatment every five years. That means more cost, hundreds of gallons more termiticide, and more disruption to your home. Not with A-1 Home Pest Control and the Hex-Pro system!




Here is what can happen to Always Active stations.

The one on the left has weeds growing out of it, and the one on the right is lifting straight out of the ground due to water issues. Neither of these scenarios is good for the homeowner and are not allowing the stations to do their job.

**A1 Home Pest Control, Inc. does not offer the always active system for reasons stated above and as it requires an affiliation with Dow AgroSciences that includes the sharing of our client’s information which we would never do. We provide the original Sentricon Hex-Pro to keep the superior protection without compromising the privacy of our valued clients.

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