From one time needs (Bed Bugs or Roaches) to Quarterly Packages

One-Time Services

Bed Bugs

Our goal is to educate, treat and help prevent the return of bed bugs. We also provide monthly bed bug protection programs for continued protection after the bed bug pest service. Currently A1HPC is using ONLY conventional treatments for bed bugs at this time.

German Roaches

Our trademark German roach eradication has two categories: stage one (kitchens and bathrooms only) and stage two (roaches have moved beyond the kitchen and bath and are in bedrooms and/or living rooms)

Stage one: Starts at $250 on structures 3,000 Sq. Ft and under, which includes two follow up appointments that are necessary for our trademark system to achieve full eradication that we deliver. Also included in the price is full exterior pest control and is warrantied.

Stage two: Ranges from $325-$400 on structures under 3,000 Sq. Ft. Due to the infestation size of stage two, this pest service includes up to four follow up appointments and a more extended service warranty.

The trademark german roach service is unmatched and worth every penny you spend on your eradication. You will FINALLY be rid of the roaches, as long as you do not bring them back in again. If you do, no worries, call us, and we will take care of them!

Sentricon – HexPro  Termite Baiting System

HexPro is a Sentricon baiting system that is revolutionary in termite baiting coverage for around your home. It is the exact Sentricon system that we have all come to know and rely on for decades to monitor, control, and eventually eliminate the termite colony. The termite bait station features vertical slots that allow for maximum wood-to-soil contact, creating the perfect opportunity for termite attack. Each station contains a wood monitor that is appetizing to termites. Stations should be checked monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. When termite activity is found in one or more stations, the wood monitor in those stations gets replaced with a Shatter Termite Bait Cartridge containing the active ingredient hexaflumuron. We use Sentricon Hex-Pro Termite Baiting System, the original Sentricon.

Call for a free quote and more information.

Demo Reports (Rodent)

We here at A1 Home Pest Control understand the time sensitivity with demolition and will schedule your demo inspection report as quickly as possible, at your convenience. With us, you will have peace of mind knowing that when we clear a building, you will have no concerns after with rodent issues. When there is rodent activity present, we quickly start the treatment process to remove the activity allowing the demolition to proceed.

$150.00 and up, client loyalty and multiple units will see discounted rates.


Are you having a home inspection and your home inspector does not perform WDO or WDI inspections? Give us a call, because we do! We will do your WDO or WDI per your needs, the title or mortgage company needs. A1 Home Pest Control will have a qualified inspector go to the location, perform the inspection to the best of their ability, with weather permitting and accessibility to all areas of the structure. You can expect your report to be emailed to you generally within 24 hours, but there are a few instances where it may take 72 hours, though rare.

Pricing: $125.00 – 150.00


Just Buggin’

  • General Household Pest Control on the structure with the following:
  • Exterior barrier applied to the perimeter of the structure
  • Sweeping eves (we use most extended sweeping poles in the industry)
  • Checking A/C chute – if one is present, we will fill it with foam to deter pests and rodent activity.
  • Interior spot treatment on initial in water areas and other small infestations treated accordingly.
  • Courtesy barrier applied along driveways, walkways, beneath first-floor window sills, and around house faucets.
  • Another courtesy service, the barrier around the pool area if applicable (includes treating around the pool and treating around the home inside the pool cage).
  • Also, two free curative rodent trap outs a year (exclusion work has to be done first by the client, at our discretion)
  • Finally, open return visits in between services only when LIVE activity is present in the home (not outside of the home), and dead bugs do not count. If we cannot find movement in the structure, we will not subject you or your structure to unneeded chemical exposure.
  • Carpenter ants, bed bugs, termites and ticks not covered.

Price: $85+ a quarter on structures under 3,000 Sq. Ft. and additional charges apply to more substantial structures or structures with more than one kitchen or more than three bathrooms.

A1 Home Pest Control offers discounts to military, veterans, teachers (k-12), seniors (65+) and first responder.


That price will depend on infestation size and type, as well as prior pest control history or any qualifying discounts. Initials start at $100+, and this is for homes with no infestations for the first three months of coverage. Then your regular quarterly amount will apply.

The Compound Package

  • Everything in Just Buggin’, plus:
  • Lawn Pest Control treatment targeted at fleas/roaches/earwigs/ants/occasional invaders and mainly impacts spiders when done regularly (especially Wolf Spiders). It is a controlled application which eliminates chemical drift and goes straight to where the bugs live. Not only that, it KILLS and REPELS the pests on your lawn. It is not a bait that is applied. It is a deterrent and contact kill. DOES NOT cover turf destroying insect, although it does impact them.
  • Clients on this program usually see outstanding results on their lawn and find they do not need a separate lawn service company other than mowing and edging if they prefer. Our product is of a high standard and delivers better results than that of lawn companies who fertilize and use herbicides.

Price: $135+ a quarter on structures under 3,000 Sq. Ft. and lawns up to 5,000 Sq. Ft. Additional charges apply for larger structures and larger lawns


The initial price varies depending on size and type of infestation, prior pest control history, and any qualifying discounts. Initial pricing on this plan usually starts at $150- $225 for the first three months of coverage.




The Blockade Package

  • Everything in Just Buggin’, plus:
  • Sentricon/ Hex-pro Termite Baiting System Monitoring

Price: $135 a quarter on structures under 3,000 sq.ft. Additional charges apply to larger structures


The initial price varies depending on the size and type of infestation, prior pest control history, and any discounts you may qualify for. Initial pricing on this plan usually starts at $700  and up this price does not reflect the conversion of an existing Sentricon System.

The Fortress Package

  • Everything in Just Buggin’, plus:
  • Sentricon / Hex-Pro Termite Baiting System Monitoring
  • Lawn pest control: ants/fleas/roaches/earwigs and occasional invaders and impacts spiders (especially Wolf Spiders) – See The Compound Package for more details.


The initial price varies depending on size and type of infestation, prior pest control history and any discounts you may qualify for. Initial pricing on this plan usually starts at $200-275 this does not include the initial install of the Hex-Pro Termite Baiting System or the conversion cost.



++++CURRENTLY ON PROMO FOR $55 A MONTH AFTER A $349.00 INITIAL – there are terms and conditions, call and learn more.

For termites, bird control, bird clean up, rodent trapping, exclusion, rodent clean up, spider treatments, and all other services please call for a personal quote over the phone.