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This page is dedicated to answering questions and guiding people on pest infestations, basically what to do and what NOT to do. This is where you can come to get the correct info (collected from trusted entomologists and research) with no obligations or sales tactics.  We love to talk about bugs, if you have questions you would like answers to, just call and ask. We will guide you as much as possible without sales pressure.

Let’s start with basic overall tips, such as pest control shopping, infestations and so on:

  1. Frogs, lizards, and birds are our best friends. They are the best pest control and it is FREE (even better)!
  2. Some pests infestations CANNOT be done DIY, you will spend MORE money this way. We see it all day, everyday. These are typically German roaches, termites, and bed bugs!
  3. Research, research, and research some more with the pest that is pestering you. Look at trusted sites, such as University Entomology Departments. Wikipedia is NOT a trusted source for ANY information. Anyone can go onto Wikipedia and create a Wiki or even edit one. So you are trusting your health and home to a fifth grader in some instances. Not the best choice.
  4. Most pest control companies offer cookie-cutter pest control. One size fits all does not apply to each home and pest. This is why people with infestations see no results.
  5. Beware of cheap pest control, AKA: Bubba’s back yard sprayers and so on. Most of these guys do not have licensing to apply chemical correctly and do not have insurances required to preform pest control. Among a whole host of other things let’s face it, saving a few dollars on Pest Control will do no good when the guy shows up and hurts himself and then goes after YOUR homeowner’s insurance because he has NONE!
  6. Remember, you will not receive instant all encompassing bug death overnight. The infestation took months to become THAT large, it will take some time to get the population reduced. You can’t see all their relatives. —-Think of your family, if someone came to your door, they see you and the people in the home. They do not see all the others affiliated with you that are spread out. Many people who would then come to your aide if needed.  Food for thought! Insects are the same, you see a few not the COLONY.

Tips on PREVENTING pest issues:

  1. Trim back all trees and shrubbery from home. They give pest, rodent, and wildlife easier access to your home. This goes for ladders and other things leaning against the structure.
  2. NO MULCH! Mulch is good for holding moisture, but that is what the bugs like. It provides a nice, cool, and damp place to hang out and meet new bugs in the area. Use stones or even shells for your landscape. If you insist on mulch, use rubber mulch.
  3. Don’t let water stand stagnant in tubs, containers, old tires and so on. This gives more water sources and also serves as the labor and delivery ward for mosquitoes. No thank you.
  4. Apply a lawn pesticide per the label and eliminate the ants and grubs that other pests like spiders feed on.
  5. Fix holes or openings in the roof, siding and doors. These give the pest an easy way into your structure with no effort on their part. It is basically a neon sign saying; come on in!
  6. Seal cracks around doors and windows with things like: caulk, door sweeps, and weather stripping. Again this is all access for free to the things you want to keep out. This is our BEST ADVISE and our biggest motto!
  7. Furniture, deliveries, and even your fruit can bring in a BUNCH of different pest infestations into your structure and cost you hundreds of dollars to get rid of! If possible, take items out of the box and leave it in the sun on a nice hot Florida day, this will get them more motivated to move on. Even better is making it a big, bad oven and putting it in black garbage bags, the pests in there will be dead by the end of the day. BEWARE:  even large name stores have infestations in their furniture! Check it as thoroughly as you can, paying close attention to seams and in between cushions.

Tips with infestations like bed bugs and German Roaches:

  1. DO NOT THROW YOUR STUFF OUT! Doing this costs more money and only moves the infestation into other rooms making eradication harder, take longer and cost more. If your Pest Control provider tells you to throw out all your stuff… RUN! Besides, once you replace it you just gave the pests a nice new home.
  2. Bleach only cleans fecal matter and will not eradicate the issue. Cleaning does not get rid of bugs and having them does not mean you are not clean.
  3. Never, ever, ever, EVER use foggers EVER! This method may kill some of the adults running around but, again, makes the infestation worse, costing more money and taking longer to get rid of. Why? Pests are not stupid, especially roaches. Roaches are the only thing that can “withstand a nuclear bomb;” this saying is not a joke! They can sense the chemicals and will go deeper into the walls and ceilings to avoid it. Females sense something is wrong and will drop the egg sack leaving it to hatch long after the fogging is done. So, you still have roaches and just pushed them further into the structure, making it cost more money and taking longer to get rid of the infestations.
  4. “Hose her down and get ‘er done” – Now, I really did despise the saying: “bait and wait,” in reality this motto does apply to pests (Right, I had to admit I was wrong! ME!!?). Too much chemical applied can be sensed by the pest and they will avoid it like the plague, defeating the purpose of applying that much chemical. A lot of adults get killed off, but not all and it will appear the infestation is diminishing but instead it is pushed deeper and is growing in the background just waiting for it to be safe again. Well placed, good baits will knock down the infestation quickly and with better results. Don’t mess with growth regulators, they take FOREVVVVEERRRR to show results and the pests move the chemical everywhere they go. Gross! Plus they produce some weird looking bugs. See roach below.
  5. Ammonia based products and card board are good “free rent” signs for roaches. The ammonia mimics their pheromone and the card board is just yummy!

    Don’t use IGR unless you like your roaches looking like the one above ^^^

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